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Obsidian scoops awards at Spiegelau

Obsidian Vineyard recently recieved a Gold Medal and Trophy for their Weeping Sands Syrah 2010.  This divine wine was the star player in July 2011 at the Spiegelau International Wine Competition. At this competition syrah wines from New Zealand and shiraz wines from Australia were represented.

On NZ National Radio’s “Afternoons” with Jim  Mora, the director and co-founder of the Spiegelau International Wine Competition, Belinda Jackson, had this to say about the trophy winning Weeping Sands syrah 2010: “It’s an absolute baby, but it is totally delicious. It is rich and full bodied. It’s powerful but it’s also very elegant. It’s got this amazing velvety texture, and it’s packed with this dark spicy plum fruit and a fair bit of tannin. Fantastic to enjoy now, or put a few bottles away for time to come.”’

Winemaker Michael Wook was already a syrah fan when he returned from Australia in 2002 to work on Waiheke Island: “I loved Australian shiraz for its full colour, intense flavour and aromatics. My interest was developed further when I became involved with the Waiheke syrah wines of Passage Rock, and I leaped at the opportunity to develop my own styles at Obsidian vineyard from 2006” said Michael. “The 2010 season was nearly perfect for most growers on the island. We feature the blending of a small amount (2.5%) of viognier, a white grape, during fermentation. This small dash adds aromatics to the wine and intriguingly deepens and sets the colour”.

For more information see www.spiegelau.co.nz

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